Create More Often

Hi, I’m Kelly. I’ve had an interesting life so far where I’ve been able to work with people and teach a variety of creative things. Thanks for letting me show you some of the things I make and allowing me to encourage you to create more often!

Creating in response to life

On Labor Day I had the wonderful experience of going to a show at Red Rocks. A few days before, a friend generously invited me to go with her and a couple other friends. Despite living in Colorado for over a decade and going to Red Rocks for various events, I had never been there… Continue reading Creating in response to life

Revisiting and Refining

How much of our lives is spent doing the same thing over and over? Wake up, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, yada yada. The same can be said of our creative practices. How many of us get in the routine or habit of doing things the same way – even after it no longer fits… Continue reading Revisiting and Refining


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