Crochet allows me to create with yarn in a quick and free way.

I don’t remember exactly when, how or why I learned to crochet but I know it wasn’t long after I learned to knit. It was a period in my life where I was trying all the crafts. I found that I was able to easily make some freeform projects. Since then I’ve found that it is a wonderful medium for playing with colors. I mean, think of all the granny square blankets you’ve seen throughout your life!

Lately I’ve been buying really affordable, brightly colored, acrylic yarns to play around making blankets. The blankets I’ve been making are relatively simple and really show off the contrast between bright colors and black. Although they make up quickly in comparison to knitting, they do take some time. The finished products are perfect for snuggling on the couch, taking a nap with, cats beds and trips through the washing machine.

The never-ending crochet square.

I like the contrast between black and brightly colored yarn. All black is hard on the eyes but showcases bright colors well. This pattern I made up allows me to keep going without breaking the yarn.

Half-granny shawl with flowers.

I based this project on a half-granny shawl pattern but added in some contrasting rows of single crochet and decorated it with flowers. Crochet easily allows for adjustments like these.

Double crochet strips sewn together.

Working with the striping nature of the rainbow and black yarn, I made strips of double crochet stitches. The middle strip is granny stripes of two different yarns.

Let’s make something beautiful together.