Hi! I’m Kelly – the person behind the Create More Often brand. Several years ago I was inspired by an exhibit of Mark Mothersbaugh’s work at MCA Denver. When he was in college he decided to make an intention of creating everyday. I was blown away by a room full of albums that contained postcard size works he created over the span of decades. He would create on several per day regardless of what the day held – including when he was on tour with his well known band, Devo.

In 2015, I took an online class in mandala making with a lovely Scottish woman, Julie Gibbons. While the art I created may not seem to some the traditional concept of mandala making but rather circular drawings with a Jungian influence, Julie’s class gave me a structure to create a small artwork daily. It also allowed me to explore some art medium that I had not tried previously. This practice grounded me as I moved through some difficult times in life – going through a divorce and all the drama that let up to that decision as well as making the decision to close a small business that was taking more time and energy than it was giving back.

This isn’t to say that all of my art-making began in 2015 as I did go to school more than once to learn about making, teaching and sharing art and creativity. In the early 2000s, I went to college to obtain a K-12 art education certification and after deciding being a public school teacher wasn’t the career I hoped it would be, beginning in 2008 I went to grad school for media studies to learn about platforms for sharing art making lessons.

With all of this experience behind me, I am taking the opportunity to share some of my everyday creations as well as provide you with tools and inspiration to inspire your everyday creativity. I hope you enjoy the creations I share here as well as the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along my journey of creativity.