The Beauty of Music

What inspires you? For me it’s new experiences, seeing things I haven’t seen before, hearing new ideas, and music. Whether it’s something you’ve heard a million times before that gives you the feels because you remember a time or place or person, or something new to you that just speaks right to your soul, music is an amazing part of life.

Yesterday I was able to have two live music experiences in one day! How lucky am I? The first was an intimate recording studio experience at Alice 105.9. To be in the small space where I was able to feel the acoustic tunes and hear stories about what inspired him made this musical experience with Tyler Hilton wonderful.

The second experience was in one of Denver’s classic event venues, The Oriental Theater. We got there late and it was packed so while I didn’t have a great view, I had a great experience. I was there with my boyfriend who agrees to try out whatever event I suggest whether it’s an artist visiting his favorite local restaurant for the 300th time (literally) or driving into the mountains to enjoy a festival celebrating a dead guy who has been on ice for years or checking out a favorite musician who is in town to play for the night. We both have fond memories of listening to Matt Nathanson at specific times in life and like his sense of humor at live shows so we were primed to have a good time. To add to that I was lucky enough to see a dear friend I haven’t seen in years.

One of my favorite musical things is hearing covers of well-known songs. Tyler Hilton treated us to a cover of a Rihanna song that’s also on his new album. Matt Nathanson sang several great covers but ended the show with one of my absolute favorites, “Romeo and Juliet”. One of my favorite versions of this song is by The Indigo Girls but Matt Nathanson did it so well!

So, whether it’s music or something else that gives you the feels and sparks your creativity, dive in today and create!