Revisiting and Refining

How much of our lives is spent doing the same thing over and over? Wake up, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, yada yada. The same can be said of our creative practices. How many of us get in the routine or habit of doing things the same way – even after it no longer fits or works as well as it once did?

When I had a yarn store, I would churn out patterns. They were usually simple, beginner level and I would just give them away to sell yarn. Well, I don’t have a yarn store anymore, and it has been over three years since it has closed. I’m still knitting and making my own designs here and there but haven’t been publishing them or giving them away like I did when I had the store. It’s something I miss. For my birthday weekend, I threw together 4 of my old patterns and put them in an eBook. While doing that I came across patterns I never published and ones that I did that could use better pictures and therefore new samples. So, I guess I have my knitting work cut out for me this fall! Be on the lookout for some new patterns and revisions of the old ones!

Thanks as always for your support in my creative adventures!


Author: Kelly

Artsy. Crafty.

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