Idea Book

Ever feel super inspired but you have other things you need to do? This is me all the time. I come up with some great ideas but my follow through sucks. I was mentioning to an art therapist how I’m trying to focus on an art project and not start on something else until I’m finished with the current project. She asked me if I have an idea book and flashed me hers. I sheepishly said “I have an idea napkin” and showed her this pitiful napkin I wrote some ideas on that has been laying here helplessly on my kitchen table.

I love this concept of an idea book and am hoping that the small act of writing down ideas helps me keep focused on current projects while still honoring inspiration. So, I went out and bought a small sketchbook and made it a sticker to declare its purpose.

Now I have a place to put all the brilliant and not so brilliant seeds that could grow into projects, a place to honor the ideas that pop into my head, and an opportunity to be more thoughtful about what I create rather than responding impulsively and never quite finishing anything!


Author: Kelly

Artsy. Crafty.

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