When Inspiration Strikes

Cascade 220 Superwash from The Tangled Ball in Edgewater, CO.

Sometimes when inspiration strikes it’s not this grand idea but rather something like “I like these colors. What can I do with it?”

Yesterday after meeting a friend for lunch, we wandered into the local yarn store (LYS for all you yarnies out there). I keep seeing this color combo with bright pink and orange that I really want to make some drawings with but have been struggling with the exact colors. When I came across this colorway of Cascade 220 superwash that was a blend of bright pink and orange as well as some other colors, I started carrying it around like it was “my precious”.

There were some great projects for inspiration at the store but after talking with the store owner and my friend, I realized I just wanted the comfort of making the humble crocheted granny square. There is a whole stack of granny squares that I started but abandoned sitting on my bookshelf as a decoration. I decided maybe this is the time to finish up that project. It’s a chance to appreciate my new yarn and use up the random ends and balls of yarn that I have that are the same weight and fiber. As it’s a light worsted superwash, wow do I have a bunch of that! Not enough to make a project of one color but plenty of lovely colors to make a crazy blanket.

Stay tuned for how this turns out! Hopefully I’ll have an update soon rather than just a bigger stack of granny squares “decorating” my bookshelf!


Author: Kelly

Artsy. Crafty.

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